08 June 2013


For Memorial Day we took a long weekend trip to visit my parents in Houston, Texas! We had a wonderful time. My parents have lived there for 7 years I think but we have only been there a couple times to visit. Now that we live a "short" 13 hr drive away, we were happy to make the trip! 

Our first full day there we played in the pool, definitely a highlight for the kids. 

Then in the evening we went to a Houston Astros baseball game and had amazing seats. Merrick tried out the crawfish boil but the rest of us played it safe with hot dogs. :) 

The next day we went to church in my parents ward and after lunch we drove to San Antonio. We of course had to stop at Buc-ee's, basically the coolest rest stop ever. 

We were decked out with Buc-ee's gear by the time we left. :)

We went to dinner at the Olive Garden in San Antonio and then drove downtown. Unfortunately the Alamo was closed but we did get to ride the boat ride on the Riverwalk and that was magical. I never knew San Antonio was such a cool, romantic city! 

The next morning we got up early and headed to Sea World San Antonio! It was our first Sea World experience and it did not disappoint! The weather was perfect and the crowds weren't too bad. We got to see several shows, ride some rides, get wet, and see some cool animals. 

That evening we drove back to Houston and the next morning we were back on the road coming home. We had a great trip and the kids did great in the car, despite 3 episodes of carsickness. It was a really cool drive for me, too, because I've never been to Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana before. I was in awe of how the freeway would go for miles and miles on these stilts through the bayous. 

Very cool. We enjoyed seeing all the state lines we were crossing but the Welcome to Tennessee was very nice to see after a long drive. :) 

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Karen said...

Buc-ees. haha. They just built a huge one by my parents house in san marcos. the beaver nuggets are good...did you get any? like caramel puff corn. mmmm...