16 September 2014

School Auction Project

Every year at my girls' school they have a big school auction and each class is responsible for contributing a themed basket and a class project. I was in charge of Avery's class last year and we did a Movie night themed basket and a ceramic popcorn bowl with each of the kids fingerprints shaped like popcorn kernels. 

This year I am doing Avery's basket again and we are doing a book theme and I also made a piece of wall art for the class project. 

I created this burlap wall hanging. I was required to have the kids from Avery's third grade class be involved in creating so I cut out small pieces of fabric and ironed on some fusible adhesive on the backs. Then they traced the leaf shapes and cut them out. Then I sketched a tree form on some muslin and ironed it on the burlap. I sewed around all the edges and then ironed and sewed on all the leaves. To add dimension, I put a few green felt leaves on that were just backstitched with embroidery floss. I also put two small owls with button eyes on the lowest branch. The quote I traced on is "Friendship is a Sheltering Tree". I thought it turned out pretty good. It is 28" x 20" and I stapled the whole burlap piece to a wood frame like you would do with an artists canvas. 

I hope it will earn some money for the school in a few weeks! :) 

13 August 2014

County Fair

Our neighborhood is right next to the County Fairgrounds so we went to the fair again this year. We had a great time! We stayed five hours and got to do crafts, a Home Depot kids project, pick up free stuff, see the animals, see a magic show, ride a few rides, and one of our favorite things is the  little farming area where the kids get to plant seeds, harvest, milk a cow, etc and at the end they "earn" a dollar to "spend" on a free treat. So fun. 

Avery got to be a minion in the magic show. She was thrilled. 

It was also fun to see some of our friends names on some county fair entries and blue ribbons. Next year we are determined to win some ribbons ourselves! 

10 August 2014

School Started!

Our school district is pretty crazy. We started school on August 8th!! Where did the summer go?! 

I've got Avery as a big third grader and Camryn as a first grader. They are so grown up! We took some pics on the first day of school to show off their new outfits. 

We drove them to school on the first day. Here they are in their new classrooms at their new desks.

Lily will miss her sisters being at home with her but for a little while I think she is going to love having all the toys to herself! :) 

Just Keep Swimming!

Our summer consisted of a ton of pool time. It was fabulous! Avery improved her strokes and skills a ton. She can now swim all the way across the deep end, can dive for rings in 6 feet deep water, and has just gotten much more comfortable. 

Camryn started out the summer wearing her life jacket all the time and was back to being afraid of getting her face wet. Now she can jump in and swim to the side, plus swim about 15 feet unassisted, and I think next summer when she's grown a few inches she will take off even more. Right now she's still a bit too short to touch the ground in the shallowest part of our pool. But that doesn't stop her from swimming happily without any floaties.

Lily wore her little puddle jumper life vest all summer but she is our little fish and has no fear of jumping into the deep end. I think we'll do some lessons for her next summer.

It has just been soooo nice to have a pool right near our house and we have loved it so much. 

Lily's Birthday

My baby turned three years old at the end of July! How did that happen? She is so grown up. 

We do family parties for our kids until they turn four and every other year after that. But we still always have a fun theme. Lily chose a Jessie the cowgirl theme (from Toy Story 2). 

A little cow print, red, and yellow and we were set! Here is a picture of the cake I made. It was chocolate inside with Oreo frosting and then I bought a tub of dark chocolate frosting I piped on to make it look like a cow print cake... :) 

Lily was pretty happy to wake up to that. 

We opened a few gifts in the morning, played with those, then headed to the zoo. It was a fabulous day. 79 degrees for the high, sunny, a nice breeze. We had fun. She looked so cute in this hat and her new "This Birthday girl wants cake!" shirt.

I told Lily I would either buy her something from the gift shop or we could ride the zoo train. She picked the train. I'm glad I got this pick of her excitement-

Because the train ride was l a m e. Like $8.00 for all four of us to ride and it was such a dinky short ride. It was our first and last time riding that train! :) 

Then we went home and opened a few more presents. Lily especially liked this Our Generation doll from her grandma and grandpa. She has been wanting one to be just like her sisters. This one is named Lily Anna. :) 

She got tons of fun toys and the girls played with them happily for days! 

When Merrick got home from work we had pizza and went swimming at our neighborhood pool. It was a pretty great day for a three year old!

Time to blow out the candles!

We love our three year old! She is so fun and spunky and she makes us laugh a lot. She is also very stubborn and did not want to potty train for the longest time. But a month before her birthday she started showing signs that she was really ready and so once our company left after Avery's baptism I put her in underwear and printed off this Daniel Tiger potty chart. She pretty much potty trained herself! When she needed to go, she told me and would run to the potty. We did it cold turkey and didn't do pull ups at night or anything and in the past 5-6 weeks she's only wet the bed three times I think. It has been great and it make her seem extra grown up to me too. Thank goodness for a break with no diaper changing for a few months before baby #4 comes! :)